My Journey to Yarnia


I'd like to take a minute to introduce myself and my family!

I have lived in Fort McMurray, Alberta for nearly my entire life. I met a wonderful man from Trail, BC and he moved to Fort Mac to live with my and my 2 kids. Over the years I traveled to Trail to visit his family and fell in love with the province and the area. We decided to move here in 2017 or 2018, once we could line things up. By this time my boys were older, and we had added another child, and we wanted to be closer to family.

In May 2016, an awful forest fire broke out near our city. We evacuated our home and left with hopes of making it out safely and that we would not lose our home. We were glued to the news for the next few days. Our apartment was safe while many of our friends lost their homes. With the knowledge that we weren't sure when we could go home, we came to Trail.

In June we went home to find out the extent of the damage in our home. Unfortunately, despite our home not burning, we were extremely close to a high damage area, and our home was filled with ash, soot, and smoke damage. We had word from the restoration company that much of our belongings were not fit to keep and unable to be cleaned. I, as an avid crafter, lost my entire craft collection, minus a few things that were safe to keep and unlikely to have absorbed the toxins from the smoke and soot.

Due to the great loss, in addition to the mental stress, I developed PTSD. We made the decision as a family to move here a year early, partially for help from family and wanting the change, but also because being in Fort Mac with all the aftermath was extremely hard for me.The move was easy as we lost so much already. But not having any of my friends nearby was hard, and my husband was still commuting to and from Alberta. While I dealt with insurance and trying to get it finalized, I sank deeper and deeper into anxiety and PTSD.

In November my husband lost his job. I thought this was a crushing blow to us, with Christmas around the corner. But due to a few friends and some stranger generosity, things still seemed to work out at Christmas.

In the end of January, our insurance paid out and we were able to have a little breathing room with finances. My husband still was without work and I had some medical issues pop up. We both needed to figure out an income and I brought up wanting a shop since I can't find what I need here. He surprisingly agreed and I started the long process of becoming registered and finding suppliers, and getting organized, etc. Our insurance pay out helped fund the purchases.

He is still out of work but he has been a great support so while it's hard with him off of work, it's been a blessing in disguise.

And that is the short, short version of the creation of Yarnia. I hope for many many years of story for my time IN Yarnia, but for now, that concludes how we got there :)

Thank you for reading!