Sacagawea Bracelet : Violet : Knitting with wire kit with video course for beginners

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The kit includes all supplies and tools you would need to make the cuff shown on the photo. Besides, you get an online access to a complete video course that will guide you through every step of creating your own Cleopatra Cuff from the very beginning to the point when you can put the bracelet on. You will be able to watch the course any time from any computer or mobile device.

With the video course you'll see every stitch up-close, in vivid colour and high definition. The course is created with a beginner knitter in mind (and that is someone who has very basic knitting skills), and is packed with useful tips on how to avoid mistakes, how to fix them if they happen, and how to make your knitting experience most pleasant and fun. All instructions are clear, slow and repeated several times.

You will learn how to cast on, knit and purl both in left-handed and right-handed way, work with wire, add beads to knitting, attach a clasp and hide the ends. To enjoy making this project, you need to have some basic knitting skills.

The kit has enough wire to make 10 bracelets!


Length 7” / 18cm
Width 2.5” / 6cm


1 roll (100m / 109yds) of coated stainless steel wire
4mm (US 6) knitting needles
magnetic clasp
instructions on how to access video course online
easy-to-follow knitting pattern
piece of spare wire
sewing needle